Saturday, January 29, 2011

The City Bountiful

Just a quick update, on the trailer, I just finished the background element for the opening shot (where the Savior is descending over the City Bountiful in 3 Nephi). A good friend is working on a model of the Savior for the foreground, and I am way excited to see how that turns out. It looks like the trailer is going to get done by Monday!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Coming along

Hi folks, just a quick update. This week I've been scrambling putting the final touches on the Book of Mormon trailer, but fortunately a friend offered to help me finish it. Plus, I just got some awesome new software that's making everything go a lot faster. Here's a shot I did yesterday:

Have the good'un! I'll keep you posted

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hi folks, Josh again. I noticed that a lot of the Wikipedia articles on Book of Mormon characters have no illustrations as yet, so I've just started putting some in. Here's the first one. Rough, but enjoy!


Join the Conversation: First Class Post

Okay, this post is technically for a class (Sharing the Gospel on the Internet), but I'm going to try my best to write like it's old times and I don't have to do it for a grade :)

So here goes.

I've always loved technology, but haven't always been the type to jump on every single social media bandwagon that solicits my inbox. E-mail? Okay. Facebook? I guess I can deal with that. Texting? Okay, if you insist. Myspace? I already have a facebook. Twitter? I don't get it.

I tend to join sites that either help me meaningfully connect with my friends, that help me with my current interests/hobbies, or because of necessity in daily life. But I can't keep up with more than a few at one time, so I like to use sites that allow me freedom to multitask. Redundancy in sites gets just plain annoying. Typically on a social media site I am either there to coordinate activities, connect with friends, or learn new skills related to my interests.

Still, social media can be a powerful tool. As suggested by Elder Ballard, there is great potential to spread the gospel through social media. Sharing the gospel online has advantages and disadvantages with sharing the gospel through direct interpersonal interaction. Online, you can provide all kinds of information to people who are interested. You can even chat and answer people's questions directly. In the initial stages, sharing the gospel through the internet is a lot easier than face to face. Even later on in the investigation, and even in membership, it's a great supplement; but it can't last forever as the sole means of contact. At some point there is a need to have real, physical friends close by who can support you as you continue to grow in the gospel. In class, we skyped with some Missionaries at the MTC who share the gospel through digital media 24/7. The had some great stories and wonderful successes, but almost always social media worked alone only in the very beginning. They would teach the first one, maybe two lessons online and then invite the investgators to meet with missionaries in person. Afterward they would continue to work with the people online, but it was in combination with "ground zero" physical interaction.