Resources for Scriptural Artists


Starting out in religious artwork, many people have the necessary ideas, passion, and desire, but are intimidated by the research involved in creating historical accuracy.  There is so much to learn about– architecture, clothing, tools, weapons, food, animals– that it can be difficult to decide where to start.  Worse, the information is often difficult to find and spread over many different sources.  I don't claim to be a professional archeologist, but I have spent years taking classes and researching online and in books about the ancient world to help flesh it out in my paintings. Some things we know, other things we don't; the gaps must be filled in by educated guesswork and imagination.

This section is not intended necessarily as a black and white "how-to-draw" book on scriptural subject matter, but as a springboard for your imagination.  I hope to create here the consolidated reference resource for scriptural artists I always wished I had, but could never find.

"Daily Life in the Old Testament"

This was my final paper for BYU's Biblical Archaeology class with Dave Johnson.  It covers the basics of old testament Israelite life, including food and clothing.

Talks and Devotional Adresses About the Arts by Modern Prophets, Apostles, and General Authorities:

Elder Uchtdorf on Creativity
Video (clip)
Full Video and Text (discussion of creativity starts at 7:55)

The Gospel Vision of the Arts by Spencer W. Kimball
(selections from Education for Eternity)
MP3 (The latter 3rd deals most with the arts)

The Arts and the Spirit of the Lord by President Boyd K. Packer
of the Quorum of the 12

"Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet" by Elder M. Russell Ballard
Originally given as a Commencement Address at BYU Hawaii

"Filling the World With Goodness and Truth" by Elder M. Russell Ballard
Ensign Magazine July, 1996

"Creativity" by Elder Neal A. Maxwell
New Era Magazine, August 1982

Other Inspired Talks on the Arts:

Centering the Arts in Christ by K. Newell Dayley, Dean of BYU College of Fine Arts and Communications

Counterfeits: A Mess of Pottage BYU Devotional Adress by  Professor of Theatre Barta Heiner

BYU Commencement Adress 1957 by Cecil B. Demille, director of The Ten Commandments

Creation by Churchfuel– a Christian video about art as it relates to the gospel, and how our capacity and drive to create is a reflection of the same traits in the Great Creator, our Father in Heaven. I believe that the desire to creat is something God has passed down from his own nature.

Everything Creative
A Mormon Channel Podcast with interviews of LDS artists from every field and medium, from Music to Animation to Quilting.  There are lots of wonderful thoughts, and great stories about faith and the arts.  You can either listen online or subscribe for free on iTunes