Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prison Concept/ Model

Hey folks, Just a quick post. This is a scene from the Book of Mormon trailer I'm working on, which comes from Helaman chapter 5. The Drawn/ Photoshopped concept art is a piece I did for a class last spring, and the 3D one is my rough model to actually create the shot. The image comes from one of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. Nephi and Lehi, 2 brothers who were serving a mission among the Lamanites, were captured by an army and imprisoned. After being starved and beaten for many days, Nephi and Lehi watched as the evil king of the Lamanites and 300 of his men marched in to see their execution. Just as they were about to lay hands on the prisoners to kill them, something incredible happened. Fire came down from heaven to encircle and protect the missionaries. More miracles followed, and all the people who came to witness the prophets' execution were converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On a completely unrelated note, I was digging through my old study journal and found a poem I wrote during a rough time. I feel like it applies to me now just as much as it did then, and I hope maybe you can find some inspiration in it as well:

The Ember's Glow
by Joshua Cotton

I run my fingers
Through the ash
A house of dreams
Now layed to rest
At my touch
It blows away
So easy
So light
I watched it crumble
Through the night
Blackened by
The fire's light
What a war once
Could not think to shift
Now is carried in the wind
And through a dark magic transformed
Into black sifting sands
Now all that is left
Is to plant
For the ember's glow
still warms the soil

Come, let us till the ash


  1. awesome! can't wait to see it get finished!

  2. lol Me niether :) Lots of work to do