Thursday, February 24, 2011

People, Not Processes: CRM

(For sharing the Gospel on the Internet class)

After studying various articles on CRM and E-mail Marketing, it seemed there was one over-arching principle that each author was trying to express. That principle was that CRM and E-mail Marketing are about people, not processes. They are mediums of communication; a way to express your message to the public and simultaneously determine the needs of the people you serve.

In class we've been debating about which CRM and E-mail marketing packages to use to launch the 6-week member missionary program. It seems we have come up with some good options. However, the writers of the articles made sure to emphasize that the software is not so important as a clear plan, direction, and vision.

Basically, we want to inspire people to do missionary work. We want to be a source of simple ideas that they can apply in their lives and use to make a difference in the lives of others. To best serve that dream, what does our message need to look like?

The reason we are sending these e-mails out in the first place is to build relationships, and to build an online missionary community. They have to get people excited, and can't feel like spam. Each one needs to be an enjoyable experience, and the recipient should be excited to open it, not like "okay, this is getting annoying. Where's the unsubscribe button?" I know I have definitely received e-mails like that in the past.

But I have received and continue to receive others that I feel make a positive difference in my life. One of these is a simple "quote of the day" e-mail. I always open these e-mails, because I feel they enrich my life. What can we do to help enrich the lives of the people we're serving in this e-mail campaign?


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