Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to Civilization

Hey folks, I'm back to civilization. I didn't post Sunday because I was on a family reunion camping trip, but I have returned with a vengeance! I'm not sure to whom this vengeance might be directed, but whoever it is better look out! Yay idioms!

Anyways, here are a few sketches from this last Sunday:

Kind of a fun concept for a Nephite warrior. I was thinking maybe he's a one of the "captains of 10.000s" near the end of the Book of Mormon. The weapon is based on a Chinese Pudao or "Da-Dao", meaning "Big Knife". I put a decorative sheath on it, kind of thinking of Donnie Yen's character in the Jet Li movie "Hero", where he takes on like 10 guys without ever taking the scabbard off of his blade. Many cultures had similar weapons, wide-bladed variations on the spear, so I figured, why not? :)

This is a Lamanite warrior, I'm thinking maybe one of the bandits who attacked Ammon while he was tending king Lamoni's flocks. In his right hand he is wielding the Macuahuitl, sword of the Aztec Jaguar Knights. The decorative feathered shield in his left hand is also an Aztec influence

Just some fun stuff. A Nephite pot and jug. And some quotes lol

This Nephite chair is based on a really cool one I saw recently in a book about Egypt. It reminds me a lot of a camping chair my grandpa had

Once again, Chief Captain Moronihah, son of Moroni, who was the greates Nephite General of all time.

Goofing around with color and such in photoshop. Lots to learn! Anyways, hope you enjoy, and that this might help inspire you to pick up a pencil, brush, or pen tablet and join in telling these wonderful stories that need to be told.


  1. WHOA! awesome coloring!!
    The pony tail looks as though it's floating, and not part of Moronihah's hair though,
    Great designs in all of these! You're always so creative and original!
    And I love the line weight variations you used on the jug especially! It's fun to watch your style develop!

  2. Thanks, I'm learning :) I want to learn more about line and inking.

  3. well, you've got an expert in your family, you should ask her for tips ;)