Monday, August 30, 2010

A Smattering of . . . Smatter?

Hi everybody (I can say "everybody" now, there are 3 of you following! That counts, right?)

Today in lieu of sketches I have a couple poems:


Even now
The stones smolder with jungle steam
Simmering, as the fog rolls off them
Wishing they could speak
Roots reach to entangle
The trees roll overtop
To cover them beneath
Their root-bound, earthen cloth
Like Desolation
Slowly reclaimed
It sinks into the earth
The womb from whence it came
This place, once full subdued by man
Is now by nature tamed
At one time all men flowed to it
Now no man knows its name
Where Judges sat now jaguars sleep
And monkeys play their games
And lo, in the grandest of the courts
A tree grows through the floor
It has pushed its way up through the roof
To touch the sun and storm
It's strange
How proud magnificence
Though broken and decayed
When adorned with nature's burial clothes
A new, strange beauty displays


Life does all it can
To distract from Reality
But there is something deeper

The crowds press in
To convince you you're alone
But there is something deeper

Cascading heaps of riches
Pretend there's nothing more

Depravity and squalor
Bemoan there's nothing less

All men fear to sleep 6 feet down
In their Sunday last and best

But there is something deeper
And there is something higher

Dig deeper
Reach Higher
And though you cannot see God's face
You will find yourself caught up
By His unseen Embrace


  1. The first poem makes me think,
    it's like atonement, that's really cool, I never thought to relate to a place, well, maybe I have, but not quite deeply like this I don't think, You did an awesome job at that.
    And the second poem,
    BEAUTIFUL!! SO Beautifully written!!! wow, I bet it can even be sung!
    You're so talented,,,!!

  2. :) glad you like them. Oddly enough, I hadn't thought about the first one symbolizing the atonement, but now that I look at it, you've made me think. I guess it could, couldn't it? I was thinking more of just the imagery of a Nephite city being reclaimed by nature, but I suppose the atonement does the same thing. It reclaims the man-made pollution and baser instincts in our souls to create something beautiful, made by the hand of God, and always renewing itself. Thanks for the thought!

  3. :D You're welcome, It's only because you opened me up so that I can actually share these kind of thoughts with you,
    you're awesome and very inspiring!