Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oy'm not dead yet :)

Hi folks, this is Josh again. Contrary to popular rumor, I have not been captured and enslaved by the Priests of Noah. I have merely been procrastinating. Drawing plenty, scanning some, but procrastinating actual factual posting. I stand sorely in need of repentance. So here goes:

King Noah- (The Book of Mormon, Mosiah 11»)
(different Noah from the one in the Bible) Wicked King, destroyed Church in land of Nephi, persecuted the prophets

Speaking of King Noah (who may be hereby absolved of kidnapping charges), this is a drawing I did of him a few weeks ago on a camping trip. The proportions are a bit wonky, but I like how it turned out. It's kind of a different take on King Noah than artists normally do. The story describes him as a wine-bibber, greedy, living off the labor of his people, etc. Thus traditionally Noah has been depicted as heavy-set with lavish clothing decorated in jewels, gold, and feathers. That's the stereotypical, iconic depiction we owe to the late (and great) Arnold Friberg. I thought here, though, it would be fun to try something different. I made Noah instead a man of taste- a connoisseur of the best of everything, but not gaudy. For this Noah, only those "in the know" would actually know how ridiculously expensive his tastes were.

Elder Robert D. Hales-

Trying to learn digital painting lol
This I painted earlier this afternoon listening to an address by the Apostle Robert D. Hales on BYUTV.

Nephite Fort

The sketch on the bottom I took on the same aforementioned camping trip. I was looking at some rocks and thought they looked like a really cool Nephite fort. On top is what I got colored this afternoon before my stylus broke :)

Alas, broken pen tablet pen . . .

. . . I searched internet how too fix it

Dr Google prescribes Superglue. No Joke.

I knew I shouldn't have practiced surgery without a licence.



Huh. Pen guts.

Until next week, though likely it's going to be mostly plane jane sketches until I can get a new stylus :( Thanks for following!


  1. Whaaaaaaa??? They had the re-broadcast of the devotional TODAY??
    aww, I was waiting to watch/read again all this time! :(
    But my lesson today in R.S. was on Patience, so I'll just wait till it shows up on byu speeches :)

    ANYWAYS, I like how you approached differently in depicting king Noah, and I can kinda imagine him in that version now too. Fun~ :D

    And YAY for bringing the blog back to life~!

  2. ,,,R.I.P. Stylus,,Nice knowing you

  3. Alas, 'twas a noble comrade. R.I.P. indeed