Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finally Postng some DRAWING again :)

Aloha from BYU,

This week I decided to do a bit of catch-up posting. I've been drawing a lot, but most of my blogging time lately has been spent editing videos, so I haven't had time to scan or post images. But I have a little bit of time tonight, so here goes! :)

The Savior enduring the mock- adoration of the Roman soldiers. The crown of thorns was meant to sting, but they couldn't know they truly crowned a king.

A Nephite warrior mid-strike

Aaron in prison. Aaron was a missionary to the Lamanites who was captured and imprisoned; later on he was freed and allowed to preach to the king, who was converted

The idea here was kind of a Nephite Herald. The trumpet is based on Aztec designs. Oh, and the sword is kind of fun. Its hilt is carved out of an antler, so it's curved like Count Dooku's lightsaber from Star Wars :)

You may recognize this drawing as Lehi from a previous post. Just goofing around with digital painting, lol :)


  1. wow, the thorns look very painful and real,,
    and I like the jumping gesture a lot,
    Is that a horn the guy is blowing? I guess you'll explain in the future when this post is complete
    I've been noticing that your feet weren't very solid in your drawings but then 'oh yeah' I remembered ;)
    maybe you could look at other people's feet for reference

  2. Lol I should study "human" feet :)

    Indeed it is a horn, kind of a cross-between a European trump and a Meso-American ocarina. AKA I made it up :) Thanks for commenting!

  3. So,,the post is still in progress?
    I like the Aaron one a lot and Lehi is cool
    The feet are better on the Aaron one though, good job!

  4. Thanks, glad they're somewhat humanoid :) lol