Saturday, December 11, 2010

Replica Plates

Hi everyone, a quick update on the Trailer-

David Baird, traditional metal craftsman and owner of Historical Arts and Casting, Inc. was kind enough to allow us to borrow a hand-made replica of the Gold Plates. Brother Baird is an expert metal worker and has studied for years the firsthand accounts of the people who actually saw the plates. His replicas have been used in various exhibits and professional film productions, including Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration.

Above is a rough version of the final shot at the end of the trailer, accomplished Using Brother Baird's replica plates and Adobe Aftereffects software.

Joseph Smith (played by Joey Lestarge) with the plates

The same shot after color correction

As a final note, above is a test render of the opening shot where the Savior descends over Bountiful. The model is unfinished, but I really am starting to like the mood and the way the cloth is moving.


  1. wow, i like the way the cloth is moving too, the modeling looks like a challenge seeing how close you are going to be shooting the model,,hope that turns out well for you
    and be careful with spreading the word about the plates, might end up having some mobs come after you(jk)

  2. LOL! I'm returning them soon, but you have a point . . . at least I don't have to hide them under a mantle or transport them in a barrel of beans like Joseph:)