Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taking shape!

I started conceptualizing this shot about 6 months ago for a different project, a concept art assignment drawn in 2d for Cynthia Hogan's animation class (see below). It's finally taking shape as part of the Book of Mormon movie trailer :) Basically what is happening is a scene in Helaman chapter 5 where two missionaries have been captured by an army in hostile territory. They are imprisoned, and eventually their captors come down to execute them. Instead of being executed, however, they are saved by a pillar of fire that comes down from heaven and protects them. God's voice speaks from Heaven and convinces the captors of the error of their ways, and the would-be murderers become missionaries themselves :)

The shot isn't done yet, it needs people and some more tweaking. But I like it so far :)


  1. WHOAAAAAA!!!! this is looking SOOOOOOO amazing!!! and it's not even done yet (whaaat??), The texture looks fabulous! and the fire is gorgeous! (I don't know if it's supposed to be but it is and I like it)Is this shot also going to be animated like the fire one?

  2. :) Thanks, glad you like it. Yes, the fire will be animated, using a combination of Maya and Aftereffects. I still need to put in all the peoples and touch up the modeling, texturing, and dynamics, but she's coming along :)